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Canvas Printing & Stretching

Our canvas prints are produced using only Fine Art Trade Guild approved materials, ensuring a display life in excess of 85 years, when displayed indoors, out of direct sunlight and away from excess heat. We use only the best quality, award winning archival canvas from Breathing Color. Breathing Color are the first manufacturers to offer an OBA FREE archival canvas, eliminating yellowing, which occurs over time when using canvas with OBAs. Our canvas is water resistant and is hand-stretched onto 44mm exhibition, laminated pine stretcher bars, kiln dried to 8% or less moisture content to minimise warping of the frame. To enhance your canvas print, we apply a tape to the reverse to hide the visibility of the staples used, which also protects your walls from being scratched. Two coats of varnish are applied to further protect the print from scratches and finger marks. All our canvases are supplied with a hanging kit ready to display, as soon as you receive it.
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Download the archival certificate here.

Quality comes as standard...

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  • 44mm Exhibition Laminated Pine Stretchers - Only the best quality laminated pine stretchers are used.
  • Wooden Corner Wedges - Used to re-tension the canvas if sagging. Many companies supply cheaper, ready made frames which do not have this option. Consequently, if your canvas does lose its tension, which is inevitable over time, you will have no option other than to re-stretch the canvas, by sending back to the supplier.
  • Hanging Kit - All our canvas prints come with a hanging kit, ready to hang on your wall when you receive.
  • Varnish - Our canvas prints have two coats of varnish applied, which protects the surface of the print from marks and scratches. It also further protects against UV light damage.
  • Tape - Applied to the back of each canvas to cover the staples used, ensuring they don't scratch your walls.
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44mm Laminated Pine Stretcher Bars

We use exhibition quality laminated pine stretcher bars, kiln dried to 8% moisture content to minimise warping.
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Varnish is applied to protect your canvas from finger marks and scratches. It also further protects against UV light damage.
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Applied to the back of each canvas to cover the staples used, ensuring they don't scratch your walls.
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Wooden Corner Wedges

Canvas prints can lose their tension over time. Humidity and fluctuations in temperature are common causes. Re-tension your canvas easily by tapping each corner wedge, resulting in a drum tight finish.
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Hanging Kit

Hanging kits are supplied as standard on all our stretched canvas prints. Ready to hang, when you receive.
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Neat Corners

Extra care is taken to finish each corner and minimise the ugly bumps which occur when folding corners.

Choose Your Finish...

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Gallery Wrap

Your image is wrapped around the edge of the canvas, however, you will lose approximately 50mm of image on each side.
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Mirrored Edge

This option is used when you require a gallery wrap but cannot afford to crop the image. The image is mirrored on all 4 sides to wrap around the frame.
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Plain White Edge

Your image is printed to the size of the frame and plain canvas is used to wrap around the edges.

Please call 01423 712438 for prices

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All our canvas prints are produced on an award winning archival canvas by Breathing Color. Breathing Color Lyve™ Canvas is taking the printmaking industry by storm. With maximum colour gamut and black density, coupled with critical archival certification, it sets a new standard of exceptionalism in fine art and photographic printmaking.
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