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Scanning & Digitisation - Original Artwork

Quality reproduction always starts with the digitisation of your artwork, which can be considered the most important step in achieving an accurate colour and density match to the original. Originals up to A2 size are digitised using the latest Epson flatbed scanners, which are capable of reproducing stunning colour depth and tonal range.
Originals in excess of A2 size can be digitised using the latest high resolution, digital camera backs. These cameras capture a full 16 bits of information and coupled with the finest optics in the industry, combine to give ultra sharp reproductions which capture the full tonal range of your original artworks. I work with the full 16 bits of captured data, which ensures the highest quality is maintained throughout the reproduction stages.

Having had years of experience with handling delicate original artwork, you can be assured that your original is in the safest hands. I use cotton gloves at all times during handling and coupled with the collection and delivery service I offer, you have complete peace of mind that your artworks will come to no harm. Of course, you can always bring your artwork in person but please call on 01423 712438 or 07708 952279 or email to arrange a suitable time first.

Negatives & Transparencies

Do you remember negatives and slides? You probably have boxes of them tucked away in a cupboard somewhere. We can breath new life into your forgotten memories by scanning your negatives and slides using our 48 bit flatbed scanning equipment. Why not let your family see your masterpieces from yesteryear by using our range of printing services to turn your negatives or slides into wall hung graphics for your home or office. Stretched canvas prints are very popular or just a photographic enlargement. Please contact us here for a quotation
Our scanning service can accommodate the following popular film sizes; however, if you have a film size not listed below, please contact us, we may still be able to help.

• 35mm
• 6x4.5cm
• 6x6cm
• 6x7cm
• 6x9cm
• 5"x4"
• Larger sizes on request

All our scans are produced to a professional standard, are colour corrected and have basic dust and scratch removal included in the cost. We do not use digital ICE technology, an automated scanning process, which we feel blurs or softens the detail in order to remove the defects in the original. Digital ICE was developed to save time when scanning large batches of negatives or transparencies by automating the process, but we believe that assessing each scan and performing the necessary retouching by hand, on a per scan basis, gives the best results. All our scans are retouched by hand, using various digital methods, which produces a superior end product, but inevitably takes longer.
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Negative scanning is often considered more difficult due to the fact there is no "positive image" available to use as a colour guide. Here at Nidd Imaging we have 30 years of experience in photographic processing and printing, including colour assessment on a professional level. We have worked extensively with professional photographers and artists, who demand colour accuracy.

You can be certain that Nidd Imaging will take extra care of your film, using cotton gloves at all times during the handling stages. Please feel free to contact us for more information and a quotation.

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