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Giclée Printing

Giclée is a French word (pronounced Zhee-Clay) which literally means “fine spray". Giclée fine art prints are produced digitally on high quality inkjet printers, which have the capability to reproduce a much wider range of colours than conventional processes, due to the specially formulated inks and media used. The Giclée process is really the only current solution available to artists who wish to obtain a close match to their original work and have the peace of mind that the prints will remain vibrant and fade resistant for decades to come.

Here at Nidd Imaging, our work is produced on the very latest large format Epson printers, using Epson's latest Ultrachrome HDR ink set, which consists of 11 separate colours. This allows us to achieve a much closer reproduction to the original, especially the more vivid, saturated colours. Combined with 30 years of experience in photographic and digital art reproduction, you can be assured that you will receive the best quality achievable from your original art and at a very competitive price.

Having worked with artists for a number of years, we know the importance of achieving accurate and consistent colour from order to order. We attain this by regular profiling of our medias and have a fully colour managed workflow. We are continually looking to improve our service and welcome feedback (good or bad) from our clients. Please visit our testimonials page to read feedback from our existing customers.

We use only the very best materials, including GENUINE Epson inks, which have been developed especially for the art reproduction industry. Why not contact us for a quotation.

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All our fine art papers are supplied by Innova Art, who have been producing high quality acid free papers, exclusively for the fine art digital printing market for many years. Rather than offer cheaper, unbranded papers, which are not approved by the Fine Art Trade Guild, we prefer to offer quality at an affordable price. All our range of papers have been approved by the Fine Art Trade Guild and offer a display life in excess of 85 years (do not display in direct sunlight).

Choice of acid free papers...

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Image © Neil Simone, Artist

Smooth Cotton High White 315gsm

This silky smooth surface structure has been designed to ensure the natural characteristics of a smooth high-white art paper whilst maintaining the necessary natural aesthetics demanded by artists. The surface has a special matte coating, designed for high quality fine art & photographic reproduction with giclee technology. It is an acid free media with archival properties and is capable of reproducing a wide colour gamut.
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Image © Teresa Boast, Artist

Cold Press Rough Textured 315gsm

A natural white finish with a coarse, structured surface, equivalent to a traditional watercolour paper. Designed for high quality fine art & photographic reproduction with giclee technology. It is an acid free media with archival properties and is capable of reproducing a wide colour gamut.
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Image © Marta Orlowska, Artist

Soft Textured Natural White 315gsm

A natural white finish with a slightly structured, soft-textured
surface equivalent to a traditional etching fine art paper making it
ideal for digital fine art and photo reproductions. The surface has a special matte coating, designed for high quality fine art and photographic reproduction with giclée technology. It is an archival quality paper with great colour gamut.

Print permanence…how long will my print last?

All our fine art prints are produced using the very latest Epson Ultrachrome HDR inks, coupled with high quality acid free papers, which have been tested and certified as having a print permanence in excess of 85 years. The Blue Wool Scale measures and calibrates the permanence of printing inks and papers. Traditionally this test was developed for the textiles industry but it has now been adopted by the printing industry as a measure of lightfastness of ink pigments.

Each of our medias has a Blue Wool scale award of at least 6. The scale is graded from 0-8, 0 being poor and 8 considered to be totally fade resistant. The Blue Wool scale 6 is said to translate to a print permanence in excess of 85 years, so you can be confident that your limited edition prints will last a lifetime.

It is important to note however, that the Blue Wool scale tests are carried out under laboratory conditions and real world results may vary

Of course, it is best practice never to display a print or original piece of art in direct sunlight, excessive heat or too close to artificial light for any length of time. The sun is a very powerful bleaching agent, which can fade ink pigments rapidly. Glass is considered a UV filter and will prolong the life of any print or original, should it be exposed to sunlight for extended periods.




    12”x9” / A4
    16”x12” / A3
    24”x20” / A2

    When calculating print prices, please allow for any plain paper borders you may require.

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    Overnight Courier - Next Day Delivery
    All our products are sent via overnight courier, on a next day delivery service and will require a signature.

    Certificate of authenticity

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    To add credibility to your reproductions, why not consider our 'Certificates of authenticity'? We offer a certification service which is aimed at artists and photographers who wish to specify a limited edition quantity for their reproductions. The service includes artwork production, A5 printed certificates on quality 350gsm card, which are then signed by myself, the publisher and you, the artist, which authenticates the limited edition number. Your customer is then assured that their edition number is genuine. Please contact us for more information.
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